Website Terms and Conditions


  • Salselali is an internet website that sells a variety of gifts and baskets (“Products”).
    The products are offered to the online surfer public in Israel and the world, using a safe sells mode in the website.
  • The Terms and Conditions will be followed with every purchase that is made by the Clients (“Clients”) at the website, and will be the legal base for every discussion between the Client and “Salselali”.
    There for, the client is required to read fully and carefully this Terms and Condition.
  • Surfing at the website and/or purchasing a product that is offered for sale in the website, is an actual agreement by the client to the website Terms and Conditions, and must follow it.
    So, if the client doesn’t agree to any of the terms, please do not make any use of the website.

Terms of use

Any user, who will fulfill the conditions specified below, may participate in the process of purchasing:

  • Any user over 18 years old and owns a valid credit card of one of the credit cards companies that are active in Israel and the world, may participate the purchasing process.
  • Any user who owns a valid PayPal account.
  • Orders at the website will be accepted and will be sent for the “client” if all the conditions are followed:
    • The ordered products are at stock and listed as at stock at the time of order.
    • All the order details are fully fulfilled and with the correct personal info of the client, for the billing and delivery process.
    • There is an approval for the billing by the credit card company and/or by PayPal.

Security and Privacy

The website is secure at the highest level, and the transfer of credit card data on the site is done in an encrypted form, using SSL technology, according to the standard pci.
Client details are stored in the databases of the company, and not transferred to the third party.
We prevent unauthorized entry into our databases.
We keep the information up to date, and ensure the correct use of the data.
We are aware of the sensitivity of implementation involving the use of online sales site, so we take the most advanced precautions for a safe purchase.


  • At the purchasing process the client will be required to enter the following personal info:
    First Name, Last Name, Company Name, Telephone number, Address, Email and Payment details.
    There is an option to enter the same details or different details for the Invoice recipient.
    In addition, the client will be required to add the delivery address and recipient information.
  • Information provided for booking a product, service or information, we use solely for the purpose of the task and the tasks derived from it (consumer billing, issuing a receipt, etc.).
    The information is not transferred to any other party, except as necessary to complete the task (such as Credit Card Company).
    Information given about the other person to send a gift is used exclusively for this purpose.
    In case you send us an email we will use the email address from which you sent for sending a reply but not for any other purpose, and also we will not give your address to any other entity.
  • At the end of the Billing and approval by the credit card company, the client will receive a message with confirmation of the billing plus billing tracking number.
    This certificate will be sent to the email address that the client entered during the order process.
  • By law purchase a missing document, all information given by the customer at the time of purchasing are exactly as required by the sales types listed in the foregoing, in addition to other than the cardholder’s ID provided at time of booking.

It will be strongly clarified:
filing false personal information is a criminal offense and it is the client responsibility to fill the exact details when booking all types of purchases.

Payment and Delivery

Payment Method: A validates Credit Card.
Completion of the transaction on the site is only after receiving approval from the credit card clearing company.
If a refusal of any kind was received, the site will update the client to one business day from the transaction database.

  • Whenever there is a refusal by the credit card company, the client will receive a notify message from “salselali”, during one business the after order was made.
    In a situation of refusal, the client will be required to contact directly to the “salselali” customer services, in order to complete the transaction.
    It will be clarify, the purchasing process will be complete only after the credit card details are delivered by the client, and the approval for the billing will be received by the credit card company.
    The delivery time will be count only after the approval is received.
    In case there is no approval during 5 business days, “salselali” is authorized to cancel the order unilaterally, and the client will not have any claim or issue against the company of “salselali”.
  • Product Delivery – The product delivery to the client will be made by a delivery company, between 1-4 business days, according to delivery regions (see below delivery regions and delivery time).
    Delivery payment will be noted during the purchasing process.
  • “Salselali” is not responsible for the delay in the delivery of a product due to circumstances beyond the Company’s control:
    Force majeure, weather, accidents and hazards, and so forth.
  • Delivery which was compatible with the recipient, and was not delivered because the recipient is not at the address that was delivered, will be recharge for another delivery fee.

Responsibility for products sold on the site

All the products sold on the site (part of baskets and cases that are offered at the site), are new and with original package.
These products are carefully chosen after high level check of quality and brand reputation.
The fruits that are part of the baskets are fresh and purchased at the same day of delivery.
At the different holidays we offers to add unique cookies to the baskets (“ozney haman” in purim).
These cookies are fresh and made during the delivery day.

Return Policy

“Salselali” is obliged to act with decency and stand with high level of customer service.

The return or the replacement of products will be made by 14 days from the day of receiving the product, and will be allowd only if there was not made any use of the product and it was save with the exact form the moment it was received.
A message of cancelation or replacement will be confirmed only via email or phone.
In case of returning a product – a full refund for the product will be made after we receive it and check the product integrity.
In that case, there will be a full refund, except for the delivery fee.

Brand property

Copyright and intellectual property at the site and its services are of “Salselali” only, or the third party that the company gave the right to use them/
The company is the owner of usage and distribution of the names and commercial signs of the website, program, patents and marketing content of the site and the program, whether they are listed or not, Commercial secrets for operating the site and the program and services delivery, the site design. the technology for operating it, as plug-in, applications, graphics files and others, programming codes, texts and any other content inside.

All the information, the visual that are shown at the website and the program, graphics, design, texts, logos, marketing games, and special sales, and so the editing and presenting them, are in the exclusive ownership of “Salselali”.
No Copying, distributing, publishing or usage of any other way is allowed unless there is a written approval by the company.

Judgmental authority

In case of disagreements regarding the purchasing of a product and/or service of the website, the only place of judgmental will be the Tel Aviv Judgmental authority.